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This can later lead to social problems with adolescents and the development of deviant behavior: Boldina Marina Aleksandrovna, Nikonov Yuri Sergeevich. * Social work with deviant adolescents in the Netherlands and with juvenile delinquents and adolescents. * The personality is not yet sufficiently developed that it is able to consciously enter into relationships with others and follow the requirements of social norms and rules in its actions and actions. A teenager is able to make well-thought-out decisions, make reasonable actions, and so on. * Thus, deviant behavior is an indicator of the level of deficit in the moral and moral development of society. The content of the concept of «deviant behavior» and the reasons for deviation. The existence of any system (physical, biological, social) is. * The third type is a process of development, when a teenager actively and consciously forms and educates himself, overcoming internal anxieties and crises with an effort of will. · This program is aimed at the most «difficult» children and adolescents, who are at risk by their social and psychological characteristics.Usually, our peers use cameras built into mobile phones to take pictures of themselves in the nude or semi-nude and send these pictures to their friends, girlfriends or classmates.This does not mean that there is a tendency to homosexuality. Even if a teenager experiments with different partners, including his own sex, this does not mean that he is a homosexual. Just a transitional age-a time of searching, experimenting. And the homosexuality of teenagers..