Video: Teen Needed An Hardcore Punishment For Shoplifting


Responsibility of a teenager • 1 lawyer’s answer, category: Criminal law, question No. Responsibility of a teenager for shoplifting — * Criminal liability for shoplifting. Small-scale thefts in supermarkets and retail outlets cause several billion rubles of damage to Russian businesses annually. Responsibility for shoplifting up to rubles implies an administrative penalty. Theft.What does a teenager face for theft? In the Russian Federation, the main age of criminal responsibility is sixteen years, and the increased age is from eighteen years (for articles of the Criminal Code, such as indecent acts, or involving a minor in the commission of theft or misdeeds). · What threatens teenagers for shoplifting: The other day I read on the Internet about the revelations of a teenager that criminal liability for theft in a supermarket has been established since the age of 14.If you are accused of theft in a store or supermarket – what to do? Responsibility for shoplifting, if you have committed it – what can you face? You are charged by the store with theft, but you did not commit it.Forced labor for 5 years and restriction of freedom for 1 year or without restriction. Sent to prison for 5 years. They can add a restriction of freedom for 1 year. Previously, there was a separate paragraph on the attempt to commit this type of crime. For him, a penalty was imposed in the form of. * * Apartment theft is one of the types of criminal offense in the form of theft of other people’s property, and for its commission will face a very real prison sentence. The penalty for theft of other people’s property is regulated by the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and depends on the availability.a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles (or in the amount of the convicted person’s income for 6 months); For «simple» theft, a difficult fine is threatened — up to 80 thousand rubles. If the theft in the store was committed by a group of persons, or the thieves illegally entered the premises of the outlet, or caused damage to the owner.Responsibility for theft comes from the age of 14, the punishment is determined by the court. Article 58 read from a friend If the girl committed the first theft in the store for the amount of rubles in ..