Video: Tattooed British Jock Leon Wanking Hardcore After Interview


* British fighter Leon Edwards has withdrawn from the fight against Tyron Woodley, which is scheduled to take place this weekend at UFC Fight Night in London. * Chevalier de Brilli from the TV movie » Midshipmen, go!», Teodoro from the musical film «Dog in the Manger», Black Jack from the comedy western «The Man from the Boulevard of the Capuchins» and, of course, d’Artagnan from the serial Approximate reading time: 4 min. · A secret sketch has been discovered under a layer of paint on a Leonardo da Vinci Gioconda canvas. According to Artnet News, the secret of the painting was revealed . * Elon Musk is getting closer to the mass deployment of satellite Internet it is possible that soon he will compete with unmanned aerial vehicles of Alphabet holding, the owner of Google, and Japan’s SoftBank. · Earlier it became known that the British street artist Banksy could not prove in court his copyright to graffiti with a demonstrator throwing a bouquet of flowers instead of a cobblestone. The reason was the author’s refusal to disclose. * The old British lion is preparing to jump: The UK intends to tighten anti-Russian sanctions after the kingdom leaves the European Union. * For now, the Louvre will only accept groups of up to 25 people equipped with microphones and headsets, and the first day of work was held amid protests.After Fontainebleau, the painting «Mona Lisa» by Leonardo da Vinci visited the walls of the Louvre, Versailles, the Tuileries, for two centuries it traveled from palace to palace.The fact that the picture has an incomprehensible effect on those who look at it for a long time, was noted in the XIX century. Stendhal, who himself, after admiring her for a long time, fainted.Su-Jok-therapy (ambulance in the palm of your hand!). The secret power of the little finger: I press and wonder. While you and I run to the nearest pharmacy for help, Koreans find a panacea for diseases on their own bodies..