* Monica does not hide that she carefully cares for the skin of the face and lips. She pays special attention to them. «I have rather full lips, which tend to be dry, so I need them constantly [] and the approximate reading time: 2 min. * Monica Bellucci is 56 years old, but she is still considered one of the sexiest women in the world. We understand how the Italian beauty manages to look amazing for a long time []: 5. * Monica Bellucci – how she manages to maintain her beauty without injections and Monica admits that she is not one of those who will get up early in the morning for a workout.Monica Bellucci: height, weight (year data), eye color, figure parameters, breast size, interesting facts, biography and photos. Reliable information on [] · The appearance of the summer Italian actress Monica Bellucci impressed her fans. Online. * Monica Bellucci always looks beautiful and most of all appreciates naturalness. What you need to know about the beauty secrets of an actress-read on the website of Vogue.Monica Bellucci-top news Fashion shades of lipstick in the year. * In a year, she tries herself as an actress, and successfully, but does not refuse from fashion shoots: in m, for example, the famous cover of the American Esquire by Fabrizio Ferri, on which Monica Bellucci poses, is published. * 6) Bellucci posed twice for the famous Pirelli calendar (and in the world of models, this is the same as an Oscar for actors). 7) Monica Bellucci is a constant muse . · But, of course, the mother-Monica Bellucci-is unattainably beautiful. This is a true legend. But Cassel — the further away..