Video: Melisa Public Hardcore


Melissa won the Gibson Music Award for Best Bass Player twice, in and out. In January of the year, she received an award in the Indie category/Alternative Music / Hard Rock for the album Out of Our Minds at Independent Music Birthday: March 17 (age 49). * Melissa is a medicinal herb that helps with various heart and nervous disorders, i.e. improves well-being, increases vitality, and young dancers are sure that they will be able to raise their creativity . · — Good day, sun! I am Melissa Vilchevskaya-a fox who works in the crossover location «gameroom».Melissa is a yellow-and-white rag doll with stitches around her mouth, neck, and limbs. His right pink eye is slightly smaller than his left green eye. His head is tied like a sack with a green rope and attached with a red button.We are for reasonable consumption! To a living organism — live nutrition! We adhere to the ideas of healthy eating, which is reflected in our expanding range!.