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* Over the years, Sudan, which the United States and other Western powers viewed as a pariah country, has almost naturally found itself in a closer partnership with Russia.The article is devoted to the analysis of the relations between the division of the Sudan into the Republic of South Sudan (RSU) and the Republic of Sudan (RS) in January-July and the further prospects for the development of one of the key forces of the current Sudanese state. * As Radio Liberty found out, they could have been sent to Sudan. The agency first published a report that the fighters of the «foreign PMC» were detained, and two hours later clarified that they were Russian citizens. * Sudan ratified the final peace agreement with as the » Movement for Justice and Justice. * The United States called on Sudan to quickly resolve to normalize relations with Israel. Two sources in the government.The new Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdullah Hamduk, announced the beginning of negotiations with the United States on the exclusion from the US. * Sudan managed to maintain good relations only with Russia, China and some other countries. Sudan has also made some economic gains through increased oil production and sales. · US President Donald Trump said on Monday that an agreement has been reached with Sudan and Khartoum will be removed from the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism after it pays millions of dollars. * Christians in the African state of Sudan are being brutally persecuted by armed Islamists and other religious fanatics. Christians who have recently converted from Islam are particularly persecuted.Well, yes, we began to call the finished bl «Unknown». In the old-fashioned way, it was fashionable, right, To gather In a small world On a bench and talk sensibly About life in the evening. About the grooms, but who saw who with whom..