Video: Hardcore Playing


* Hardcore MMO. Entropia Universe-a fantastic sandbox with the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of adventures and exchange in-game money for real money. War Thunder-MMO action game, Estimated reading time: 4 min.Rust-usually the most hardcore games involve vast layers of gameplay and gigantic spaces, for the study of which you need to spend at least a few weeks, or even months of the game.Hardcore online game Karos can definitely claim to be the most unfriendly to beginners. In the initial zones, where the characters of the first levels usually swing, players of cap-levels can go and destroy all the Channels.Curse of the Dead Gods is an action, fighting and adventure game developed by Passtech Games for the PC platform. * unloved is a hardcore shooter-style game that will send you into a dangerous world to fight with the most terrible rivals. You will take on the role of the brave main character, who will go toDayZ is a hardcore survival game in an open world where you have one goal: to survive at all costs. But when there is danger waiting for you around every corner..