Video: Hardcore Only 414


* Minecraft HARDCORE Survival — ONLY 1 HEART! ((Series #1) / Hardcore Survival in Minecraft Play Lampovo with the Author: Away.Welcome, dear guest. In our community, you will find posts on your favorite TV series. And now, a little bit about us. This information will help you to be an active member of our community.VKontakte is a universal tool for communication and searching for friends and classmates, which is used by tens of millions of people every day. We want friends, classmates, classmates, neighbors and colleagues always.So, today-November 1-on our stage the most powerful concert «Hardcore, only hardcore», which during the preparation has radically changed its format!Young people often use the words «Only hardcore» in their statements, and as some kind of additive)) For example, «Only youth — only hardcore! «»Only Putin — only hardcore», etc. Where did all this come from?Only logic, only hardcore. Viktor Bogmin Master () 8 years ago Fast, heavy punk..