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Massage therapist, conducting pre-trip, post-trip examinations.Relaxing massage. Relaxing foot massage; Splint therapy; AESTHETIC. Anti-cellulite massage; Lymphatic drainage massage; Lymphatic drainage facial massage; Facial reoforming; SPECIALISTS. Tsivanyuk A.V. When working with the body, chiroplastic massage eliminates muscle fatigue, has an anti-stress and relaxing effect, eliminates fibrosis, contractures, osteochondrosis, arthritis, puffiness, cellulite, excess weight, allows .general massage; massage of the upper and lower extremities; chest massage (for bronchitis); Show in full. * Depending on the hierarchy of emergencies, that is, the severity of irreversible injuries and the inevitability of a fatal outcome, massage as a method using the hand as the main acting agent can be considered only a secondary «auxiliary».- therapeutic massage for children with pathology of the musculoskeletal system or the nervous system is indicated primarily for premature babies, children after cesarean section and children who have suffered hypoxia during childbirth, or in the first hours of the postpartum period.Massage Kherson: at home or in the office, therapeutic massage and many other offers for massage services in the service of ads Kharkiv.Consultation and interpretation of the CMS analysis by a gastroenterologist KMN. ,00 ₽. XMS analysis (chromatography-mass spectrometry) by Osipov (blood, urine, semen, skin scraping, smear, etc.), 00 ₽..