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* summer Paris Jackson stripped naked and shocked Instagram [photo]. * Recall that a month ago, the girl announced the imminent release of her book «Michael and I: The Untold story of the secret romance of Michael Jackson». According to her, the singer was neither a pedophile, nor the Sister of Michael Jackson revealed a terrible secret the other day, the sister of the legendary Michael Jackson La . * Michael Jackson’s older sister La Toya is married. As it became known today, the summer singer was married to her long-time friend and business partner Jeffrey Phillips. * Victoria Lopyreva has been enjoying the warm weather in Turkey for several months. The girl is in no hurry to return to her homeland. Together with her husband Igor Bulatov, she lives in a villa, where she arranges parties for friends.In the Astrakhan region, a summer schoolgirl with one blow of her fist killed a summer man who accosted her on the street. The tragedy occurred in one of the parks where the girl was walking with her friend.User Maxim Karetov asked a question in the Other Relationships category and got an answer..