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· Despite the fact that the house was not listed on the documents as residential, a family lived in it. Rescuers liquidated the fire in, under the rubble, the Ministry of Emergency Situations found the bodies of three children. * The father was also found guilty of possession of drugs without the purpose of sale. Investigators confirmed the information that the child’s parents used illegal substances. * American actor Tom Hanks told that his grandfather was killed in front of his summer father. It happened on a family farm in California. The killer was an employee. Revelations from the Rogue summer star. * The girl ran away from home because she could not stand being beaten by her father. This was stated on the air of the program «Vorbeşte Moldova» on the Prime TV channel by a summer girl living in one of the communes of the municipality of Chisinau. * Gigi’s father also managed to express his joy online, but Mohamed Hadid soon deleted his post. The famous architect stressed that his heart is trembling with happiness. * The role of the father in the process of raising a child has long been traditionally relegated to the background, giving the mother the dominant role. In spite of. * The father of a girl from the Urals, who was starved in the closet, beat and raped her mother In Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk region, summer Julia kept in the closet for six months and starved her daughter, whom she gave birth to in secret from everyone. * Problems in the relationship between the spouses, that little girl still lives in me and loves her father, despite that ..

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