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A wonderful married life with the charming Estelle is all that Henry remembers after he wakes up in a science lab, where he is brought to his senses by his own wife. But the spouse is immediately abducted, and nothing 7,1/10(,5 thousand). * In the year, Salazar was even elected as a member of parliament, but after the first meeting, he was disappointed in his Approximate reading time: 4 minutes.Ramon Salazar (Ramon Salazar) — meets for the first time in the chapter, in the video greeting new guests. He is one of the main radio DJs and irritants from the 3rd to the end of the 4th chapter. · And all this could be found even in such a safe place as Hogwarts, namely in the dungeons : The One Who Can not Be Named. * Salazar Slytherin is a name that not everyone who is familiar with the Harry Potter universe can remember. Nevertheless, this character played a key role in the history of the wizarding world itself. * In May, Cesar Gonzalez Barron, the Silver King, was killed in the ring. The athlete, who starred in Hollywood, died during a show in London. * António Salazar was born in Vimeiro, northern Portugal, in 1999. His parents, small landowners and devout Catholics, passed on their religiosity to their son: in his youth, Salazar planned to take holy orders.Salazar at the beginning of the XXI century remains quite popular among the Portuguese. On March 26, Salazar was named the greatest Portuguese in the world by an interactive vote on the show «The Great Portuguese».In connection with his illness, he retired from government activities. + + + Salazar, António de Oliveira (b. IV) — Portuguese politician. He was born in a peasant family. · He had enough of the qualities that Salazar Slytherin prized so much, but as Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, correctly pointed out: «It is not the quality of character that defines a person, but the character made by him..