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* The book of Alexander Dunaenko «Aphrodisiac. Stories of adult love » — download in fb2, txt, epub, pdf or read online. Leave comments and reviews, vote for your favorite ones.3/5(2). * It was used for poisoning and making love potions, it was taken by priestesses-soothsayers and soothsayers as the herb of the radiant and ecstatic sun god Apollo, and henbane gave them the ability to freely look into the past, present and future.Chili pepper is known as a stimulant of endorphin production, a real pathogen, a powerful aphrodisiac. The heart beats faster, the blood pulsates and .Louis XIV was very fond of avocados and was sure that they increased his libido. Avocado has a soft creamy texture that creates an unusual sensual sensation. But the fact that this green fruit with a kind of shriveled skin has become considered an aphrodisiac is «to blame» again for the appearance. * Alcohol is one of the stimulants known to mankind for centuries as an aphrodisiac, and has a real effect on sexual desire. * According to the expert, if a person knows that a particular product contains an aphrodisiac, they subconsciously associate it with sex. * Menu for lovers: aphrodisiacs from A to Z. Aphrodisiacs are substances and products that can enhance the passion of love, ignite desire, so to speak, in a «chemical» way. Initially, aphrodisiacs were called only plants that have stimulating properties. Aphrodisiacs.Aphrodisiac-love elixir Perfume is considered one of the most important components of the ladies ‘ image. After all, a well-chosen smell will only enhance the impression of natural beauty and stylish attire. * And another lover of Aphrodite, Phaon, suffered the same fate. Kolofonsky consolidated his bad reputation for the salad, transferring information from myth to pseudoscience. · It talks about how the same plant can have the exact opposite effect on libido: «If you are too lustful, boil water with burdock and add it to the ale, and then give it to him ..